Grayce turns 1 and into a camera ham.

Grayce’s mom swears that she’s ‘never like this’. ‘This’ meaning contagiously happy and willing to pose for the camera.   I’m not going to call her a liar, but this kid was such a ham the entire time that we hung out, it’s just really hard to believe she ever acts any differently.

Kristie (Grayce’s mom) and I grew up a few streets away from each other.  And what I remember the most about her is her infectious laugh.  When we were in high school, I was pretty miserable and didn’t understand how she could think everything is so freaking funny all the time.  Now I welcome the sound, appreciate her outlook.  And when I heard her daughter’s laughter, it just made sense.

This kid is beyond cute.  I know, a lot of babies/toddlers/kids are cute, but still.  This one is really freaking cute.  These are from the beginning of the session:

I think some older kids wanted in on our camera action cause all of a sudden a bunch were swarming around us.  We didn’t hang out to find out what they were up to.  Instead we took a little walk.

They brought along Elmo, just in case she didn’t cooperate.  There was a brief moment when Elmo was more wanted than needed, and this is where he hung out:

They also brought along Cole, Grayce’s older brother.  He was awesome during the whole portrait session, guiding Grayce to safe spots in the park, and down a wooded path.  Towards the end of our time together, we (by we I mean Kristie) had Grayce sit in front of these purple flowers, where she hung out with some pieces of mulch for a while before running over to hang out with her older brother.

Some brother and sister black and whites (I’m so glad that Kristie loves black and white photos):

And of course it’s always nice to capture some Mama love.

(Side note for Kristie- it was awesome hanging out with you guys; can’t wait to do it again!)

Miller/Reed wedding

Janine got married last night (for a little background info on her, see my previous post ‘j9 jewelry design’).  She got married to sweet, cutie pie Matt Reed.  I’m not being condescending; Matt Reed is a cutie pie.  I mean, he doesn’t ever really talk to me when I see him but he seems really cute and nice and I hope I’m right.

I’m pretty sure that 85% of my graduating class was at this wedding.  That’s ok, I guess.  It wasn’t scary or too uncomfortable, and I was really happy to see a bunch of people who I never get to see.

These two seem really fond of each other.  As a matter of fact, my favorite quote of the day is from one of the bridesmaids saying, “I’m really glad they’re so horny for each other.  Seriously.  I think it’s great.”  (Don’t worry, future clients, I don’t quote non-friends on these matters in my blog).

she MADE that necklace!

all of the bridesmaids had beautiful shoes that I wouldn’t be able to walk a block in.

cause we’re Pennsylvania proud

when no one else is looking

awesome structure on the grounds of the Historic Strasburg Inn

this is Janine’s brother, Jason.  He gave me my first drum set, Junior Pro.

first dance

Brian’s classy socks/shoes combo comes in handy during Michael Jackson songs.

everyone loves a ‘not uptight’ bride.

just a few friends shots (below):

I am really happy for you, Matt and Janine.  Congratulations!

the burn of the beach is a fair exchange.

I don’t really like going to the beach. Well, not like most people do. I like going around six pm and trying to crunch in a bunch of  beach “activities” (walking, searching for stones and shells, and taking photos) into an hour or two. Normally when people ask me if I want to go to the beach, I tell them that are plenty of better ways that I can spend my energy than getting sunburned (despite using 70spf and reapplying), getting sand all over my embarrassing mini-van, and being around a bunch of mostly naked strangers.

That is what I usually say.

Last year, our friends E & J invited us on their yearly anniversary weekend camping beach trip to Cape Henlopen.  I will pretty much go anywhere they invite us because we always have a great time and because they are just easy.  Easy to coordinate with, to split duties up with, to just be around.  E doesn’t like having her photo taken so I respectfully tip toe around her, and try to only take shots of our children.  This year there were around 25 of us there, including everyone’s kids.  Here are a couple of shots from our trip.